Rules & Regulations

  • School Timing
  • School Uniform Policy
  • Discipline
  • Attendance
  • E.Hand Book
  • Payment of Fees
  • General Guidelines

School Timing

Working Schedule of the School:

  • First Bell : 8.20am
  • LKG & UKG : 8.30am to 2.00pm
  • Grade I to VIII : 8.30am to 3.10pm
  • Special Care students Caring : 3.10pm to 4.00pm
  • 1st & 3rd Saturday will be half-working day.
  • Extra curricular Activities (Karate, Table Tennis, Drawing, Silambam, Tennis, Abacus, Athletic coaching, Hifz Quran classes): 3.10pm to 4.00pm

School Uniform Policy

  • The Students are advised to strictly wear the uniform. Any irregularity in uniform will not be encouraged.
  • Students are not encouraged to wear dress other then prescribed uniform and slippers to school.
  • Boys-L.K.G TO Grade-2 Grey Half pant & Half hand Checked shirt.
  • Girls-L.K.G & U.K.G-Checked Frock with Grey Collar
  • Girls-Grade I & II- Grey pinform with Checked Full Hand shirt.
  • Boys-Grade III to VI-Grey Full Pant & Half Hand checked shirt.
  • Girls Grade-III to V-(Salwar Kamees) Checked Top ¾ Hand with Grey Bottom, Grey Overcoat & Grey Ribbon.
  • Girls Grade-VI (Salwar Kamees) Checked Top with Full Hand, Grey Bottom, Grey Overcoat & Grey Ribbon.
  • Shoes:K.G & UKG-Black Sandals.

Grade I & II Black Sandals, Grey Socks.

III to VI-Black Shoes, Grey Socks.


The following activities are strictly forbidden in the school:

  • Scribbling on the walls.
  • Littering in school premises
  • Use of foul language
  • Spitting in or near the school buildings
  • Disfiguring or damaging any school property
  • Use of chewing gums
  • Violent and rude behavior
  • Disrespect to the teachers, office staffs and helpers


  • Every Student should have a minimum 75% of attendance in an academic year. Any student who does not satisfy this rule will not be eligible for promotion to the class or being sent for public examinations.
  • Public citing medical reasons should proper medical certificate.
  • Attendance on working Saturdays is compulsory. Repeated absenteeism will invite disciplinary action.

E.Hand Book

  • Parents should acknowledge the communication sent to them time to time from the school through the Handbook.
  • Parents should go through their ward’s Handbook everyday and acknowledge the assignment given and ensure that their ward carries out and completes the assigned task.

Payment of Fees

  • Payment of fees can be made in the form of Cash/DD
  • Fee should be paid on or before 20th of the month schedule for term fee payment.
  • For students using van facility, conveyance charges are to be paid before 5th of the month.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded.

General Guidelines

  • Education starts primarily at home and hence and hence parents are expected to co-operate with the school with regard to their child’s integral growth.
  • Parents should be good role models, enforce positive behavior/ criticism, discourage watching Television, and ensure daily reading Newspapers and Prayers.
  • Suggestions by parents always welcome but interference in the smooth functioning of the school in terms of its Administration or Academics will not be entertained.

All policies of the school have been framed in the interest of the student; hence they should be practiced without infringement, failure of which may be considered as a serious breach of promise.