Teaching Methods

Small Steps
  • The subject-matter is broken down into a sequence of small step
  • A student can take a step at a time. He has to read a small step by being active.
Active Responding
  • The student learns best if he is active responds as he learns
  • The learner has to construct the response.
  • It is an integral part of learning. Active responding on the part of the learner means learner involvement in the learning process is active.
Immediate Confirmation
  • The student learns best if he confirms his response immediately
  • The confirmation provides the reinforcement to the learner.
  • In programmed instruction, the learner decides the rate at which he progresses through the programmed.
  • He adjusts the pace of work to his own ability and motivation level.
  • He is not forced to work with the speed of other student of the class.

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