General Secretary & Correspondent

“Great Schools are built on Great Teachers not Great Buildings”.

I feel greatly delighted to state and share that our Good Word Public School trusts and stands by the motto of “Education – Ethics – Excellence” and encompasses the vision and mission of the institution.

We have established a great learning community, committed to create the best learning experience for every child. We aim to trigger and enable all the children to attain their full stretch.

We have a team of dedicated and talented staff to build up students with utmost love and care. As an entire team, we focus strongly on the overall development of every child in all aspects. Our teaching staff establish a nice sense of community amongst the parents.

At Good Word Public School, the students are given opportunities to explore themselves in varied dimensions so as to exhibit their strong character, leadership skills with Zeal and Zest and develop their personal and inter personal skills.

The decisions we make are reflections of our values, thoughts and beliefs, and they are always focussed towards a specific purpose.

At Good Word Public school we begin everyday with value education classes which gives positive direction to the students and shape their future and even helps them know the purpose of their life. It also helps our students to be responsible and sensible.

I extend my whole-hearted wish for every child to enjoy success in all the endeavours of life. Your future may prosper at all times.

– I. Jalaludeen M.Sc., M.Phil.
Diploma in Child Psychology Advanced Level
Diploma in Counseling Children & Adolescents